“The Future of Youth Income” 

– Evolving Employment & Energizing Entrepreneurship –

20-22 May, 2015


What will our tomorrow’s hold and who will lead us when we get there?  Never before in history has the individual had such impact on the future and it will be the next generation of leaders that will be called upon to solve the cumulative problems of the past generations.

Education is the gateway to a brighter future for both successful journeys – Employment or Entrepreneurship

That is why Tomorrow’s Leaders Summit 2015 will focus on “The Future of Youth Income” – Evolving Employment & Energizing Entrepreneurship as the central theme.

Who will meet this challenge?  Tomorrow’s Leaders Summit is looking for those will to contribute, share and learn while developing a future and ultimately to find those who will lead.

Tomorrow’s Leaders Summit is working with leading global organisations, including UNESCO and the World Assembly of Youth (WAY).  In Malaysia partners include the Perdana Leadership Foundation, chaired by the 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia, H.E. Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed and the Malaysia government through the Ministry of Youth and Sports, together with the corporate sector to make this Summit possible.

The coming generation is the largest stakeholder in the future, they also need to invest the most into that future.

Tomorrow’s Leaders Summit is designed to bring together young leaders and those involved in the area of leadership development, policy makers, researchers and on the ground practitioners from all over the world to look at the best way to develop positive outcomes for our future.  The Summit itself is mixture of open sessions, panel sessions, working dinners, workshops, site visits, networking session, meet the leaders sessions and informal discussions.  The physical outcome of the Summit will include a Declaration, Resolutions, Recommendations, Working Plans and project.

Tomorrow’s Leaders Summit would like to invite interested parties, whether as delegates, speakers, sponsors, media or supporting organizations to contact the secretariat to participate.

Take time to view last years’ highlight video, download the brochure which includes the overall program, if you have any questions let us know and we look forward to seeing you in Putrajaya in November.

“Such a forum enabled many vibrant young people to come together to share ideas, build networks and be involved in the process of leadership development.”
Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor, First Lady and Wife of the Prime Minister Malaysia.