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Tomorrow’s Leaders Summit
Roundtable on Rural Development

Leadership is needed on all levels, those in leadership positions or aspiring to lead need continual development to stay ahead of the curve.  Tomorrow’s Leaders Summit is designed to empower young leaders to do just that in an enjoyable and interactive format.

Tomorrow’s Leaders Summit will be organising a Rural Economic Development Roundtable and related site visit in Perak, Malaysia from the 12th to 14th of February, 2018.  The overall program will include a one day site visit to the Seberang Perak, Press Engagement, Roundtable Conference & Charrette to consolidate the overall findings.
The program is seeking those corporations that have existing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs in Perak, especially those that have looked to improve the economic conditions of the rural communities in Malaysia.  Several awards will be presented to those organisations and individuals who have made significant contributions in this field.
The objective of the program will be to prepare a “Sustainable Rural Development Strategy White Paper” to the Perak State Government on the status of rural development and identify innovative ways to increase sustainable development in the state.
The program is jointly organised by the Malaysia Global Business Forum, which is the leading business platform for corporations who understand the need to develop a sustainable future through the “People, Planet & Profit” approach
The program is accepting 6 volunteers who will be able participate and contribute to the development of the program.  For those interested in making a difference (click to participate)

Delegates at a Tomorrow’s Leaders Summit Roundtable can expect to:

  • Learn and be inspired by global leaders in that field
  • Networking with other leaders who are making a difference
  • Personal development with lasting impact for career prospects
  • Open your mind to new ideas and practical approaches which make a difference to peoples lives
  • Time to interact with leaders from various countries and backgrounds
  • A chance to air concerns, share solutions and chart the future in that focused field

Whether you are an individual looking to develop and grow or an association looking to expanding your goals Tomorrow’s Leaders Summit is excellent value.