Research and understanding continue to be the largest gaps in understanding the problems that we currently face and are going to face into the future.  Tomorrow’s Leaders Summit works with various research partners to produce reports and to conduct studies on the key issues facing, education, sustainability, innovative societies and the future.  Below are some of our research partners:

Tindakan Strategi Sdn. Bhd. is a leading research and consultancy company in Malaysia.  A strong proponent of sustainable development, on the individual, organisational, community and national levels, Rizal Kamaruzzaman, Executive Director has been involved with various projects in Malaysia and in various countries globally.

MyGrid Education is currently working with Tomorrow’s Leaders Summit to develop a report on the impact of various challenges faced by international students looking to study in Malaysia.  The report “Educational Choices” will focus on the challenges faced students looking to continue your education in Malaysia.

  • Impact of country branding on education destination choice
  • University branding and willingness to international travel
  • Availability of accommodation
  • Challenges of visa and application process
  • International schools: parents consider boarding school options in 3rd countries
  • Availability of in country working options
  • Career options post studies

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Dasar Kurnia Sdn. Bhd. is a leading social research and consultancy with a focus on sustainability and poverty eradication.  Pioneering a revolutionary approach to poverty eradication called “Micro-Affluence” which espouses the idea that a level affluence, in-line with sustainable principles, needs to be created in small community groups that are currently below the poverty line so that the economic spill over effect can take place reducing the overall poverty rate.

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